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Another literary experiment



A great writer and friend of mine,  whom I hope I can talk to soon if her last book comes to light, had the idea of suggesting to me that I take part in one of those literary challenges I like to take from time to time and something I have talked about before: literary contests.

There aren’t many of them I want to participate in for a number of reasons. First of all, because I don’t have time, given that I have a lot of work sometimes. Secondly, because the topics of most of them, or some of the conditions of the contesst don’t seem appealing to me. This last point would be even enough to develop another post. But anyway, to cut a long story short: there aren’t many opportunities. However, from time to time something that  catches my attention appears. In this case, I found a quite interesting approach: the challenge consisted in creating a story based on a given photograph. Then all the stories are posted to see the mysterious ways in which imagination leads each one of us.

The idea seemed attractive to me, and as in that precise moment I had some time to dedicate to the project, I didn’t waste the occasion.

Here is the final result: El Libro Maldito

As you can see, the story was published in the website “Solo novela negra” (only crime novel), so it is not too difficult to guess the genre. The end purpose is a bit strange because the success of the works will be evaluated based in the readings they receive, so that those which are visited more times will be awarded as winner. Only unique visitors will be taken into account for this.

Therefore, if any of you are so kind to do me a favor, please take a look at that page to see if my classification improves a bit. The final prize would consist in the inclusion of the most seen stories in a book of which winners are given some copies. This fact by itself would help to go on progressing in my career. I am aware that it is not a great thing, but all the help is good because the race is complicated and full of obstacles.

In relation to the work, I can sum up as it follows:

The strange relationship between two friends, each one of them with an opposed personality, evolves in a complicated way due to their different goals, although they keep together thanks to a great passion which bring them together: literature. However, life has unexpected shifts and only one happening of the destiny can change everything.

What it is going to happen? You need to read the story to know it. Critics said that the end is surprising and unexpected. But I still need your opinion. Hurry up, there is no much time left!

By the way, if you like writing, I have to inform you that the contest is still open, so if you like the idea you can send your work. To be honest, there is not much time left for the deadline, but there will be new calls through the year, so visit the website!


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My Most Recent Book Is Already Here!



My Most Recent Book Is Already Here!

As those of you who have been following me for a time already know, basically due to the annoyance I caused you, that this summer I had the chance of taking part in the interesting contest organized by Másquecuentos. This contest, which resulted in both a passionate and intense experience, was aimed at presenting a number of stories to the public for them to select their favorites with their votes. They were two very moved months in which I had no other chance to ask and beg my acquaintances for daily votes and this, for a reserved person as I, was a difficult task. However, without any doubts it was worth it, not only because of the publicity I achieved, but to test the support I have. Finally I ot a satisfactory sixth position among a sample of more than eighty works. So, I can only say one thing, thank you very much all!

But, as if this wasn’t enough, the good news didn’t end there. Maybe my sixth position wasn’t enough to win one of the official prices, but the organization team had the great idea of giving an honorific mention to the best participants according to their criteria and decided to publish a book with the 25 best stories, as a reward for the two months we spent there working. And here is the good part, I am there!

Therefore, you can reach my work and take a look at it if you haven’t done it yet. Moreover, you can enjoy a set of works from a selected group of authors that will not leave you indifferent. The book comes in two formats:

  • Free digital book. Yes, it is free. Personally I appreciate this presentation more because, from my point of view, it represents more the spirit of showing us to the public and performing a cultural group action. You can download it from this link: Free Digital Book
  • Physical paper book. The event organizers have decided to continue with new contest the aim of which is to develop a unique work encompassing different arts, such as images, music, design, etc. To sum up, it is an original project consisting of the creation of a modern book, interactive and adapted to these times. To cope with the expenses, they have initiated a crowdfunding campaign and this published book is the object that you will receive in return. If you want to cooperate with the cause, you can find the information here: Paper Book

As you can see, there are options for everybody, so if you have curiosity about reading my work, you can now do it easily J. Just to clarify it, the order of my surnames was badly written in the digital book, a sad misprint. Fortunately, this mistake was corrected in the paper book. As for the rest, exceptionally this is one of those occasions in which I would appreciate every act of copy, distribution and deliver of the digital book. This is because, as I said before, the beautiful thing about this story is the fact that it helps us to be known. So go ahead, download!


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About Literary Contests and Other Projects


Imagine that you spend a time preparing a work for an interesting contest you have seen: you create an idea, develop it and adapt it to the requirements asked, for example the correct font, number of words and the rest. Later, with some work and effort, you finish the job and arrive at the moment when you have to deliver it. Then suddenly you look for the link where you found the notice and surprise! There is no such site.

It is absurd, isn’t it? Well, this is what have happened to me J. I don’t know if that contest only existed in my imagination, if I lost the link or what kind of weird thing happened so that I can’t find the contest anymore. But time was running and I could not find a solution.

Then I happened to ask for the help of a friend of mine who is very keen on literary contests, to check if he knew something about this project. I informed him about the features of this particular contest, but unfortunately he could not give me any insight. So in short, I created a story, but I didn’t know where to place it. This is the synopsis:

“Imagine that you appear in an unknown place, a closed room, with your hands tied, almost without clothes and with no clues. How would you manage to find the exit and to discover the causes of your situation? Who are responsible and why? A lot of doubts and just one goal: Escape.”

What do you think about it? Do you find this idea appealing? Personally I like writing these disturbing stories that could cause some unease to readers. I like to awaken feelings and this is an area I frequently explore. But generally I think that these somehow bitter stories that tend to move out of the politically correct areas are not widely accepted, especially if we are talking about literary contests, which are a world apart, a world with some lights but a lot of shadows. Having said that, and despite corruption and other strange happenings, I can say that they have compensated me and this is the reason that leads me to go on. But I will write a post about them speaking about my experiences and impressions in the future.

Finally and against all odds, something that I could have never imagined happened. Two hours later my friend sent to me a link with information about a very similar contest, in fact I knew it was something different just because of a small detail. Immediately I wrote to my friend to compliment him for his great efficiently, but he answered to me that no, he wasn’t the one who found it. It was only by chance, because someone sent him that message just precisely in that moment. A sign? I don’t believe much in this kind of magic, however, the occasion seemed too good to me, so I understood that I should take it.

In the last moment, I decided to send another story. The truth is that the one I was talking about before still needs some important corrections and on the other hand, the date of delivery of the new contest is not clear enough, so that something told me that if I delayed myself too much, I could lose this opportunity. Maybe I was too impulsive, as in other times, but it is something I can hardly avoid.

This new story also doesn’t follow the trends. While it is true that is not as disturbing as other more current I’ve produced, it can also produce strange feelings. Nevertheless, I think that there should be materials for all sorts of readers too, no matter if they are minority groups. Either way, I would like to receive opinions, both positive and negative, to see if I can channel my projects somehow. In fact I am even thinking in preparing a book with my “weird stories”, although nowadays this is just an idea. But in the end, I have to consider this according to my own criteria and follow my gut instinct, because this is the kind of things that we do just because we are passionate about and without great expectations.

Day by day time passed and, although I wasn’t waiting for it, I received one of those messages that impulse an impulse and encourage us to go on: my story is going to be published! So finally, you can see it. This is not a great literary award, but let’s say it, publicity is the best way to be known and to get more jobs of that kind. Moreover, and this is so important, this way I can get independent reviews of my work. We all love our friends, but maybe they tend to overrate our works I understand it, since I also find great all that they do so ;).

Right now I don’t have more news about this publication, which I am eagerly waiting. Nonetheless, I will leave here the synopsis as advance, let’s see if I am lucky and you find the idea interesting.

“Lucía, the Sales Manager of a known company goes to visit one of her best clients to seal an important deal. This mission is not different to other ones she finished with a lot of success, however, a number of unexpected obstacles in her way will complicate her task. Will she be able to overcome them? The game starts. SUCCESS”

Do you like the idea? Anyone dare give me their opinion? Come on, it is not that hard!

SUCCESS will be available soon for you. In the meantime, the release of my story “The Last Day of Your Life” is everyday closer, and it already has a splendid cover.

See you soon! Have fun!

Dear visitors! I am competing at this moment in the contest “masquecuentos”. I need the prize to keep on working. If you are so kind, please give me your vote. It won’t steal you more than 2 minutes! You just have to pick “El Último Día de tu Vida” from the list bellow and a couple of stories more. I would love to get your opinions about my story as well.

Here is the link to my story: El Último Día de tu Vida

And here the link to vote: Votar

Thank you very much!