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Another literary experiment



A great writer and friend of mine,  whom I hope I can talk to soon if her last book comes to light, had the idea of suggesting to me that I take part in one of those literary challenges I like to take from time to time and something I have talked about before: literary contests.

There aren’t many of them I want to participate in for a number of reasons. First of all, because I don’t have time, given that I have a lot of work sometimes. Secondly, because the topics of most of them, or some of the conditions of the contesst don’t seem appealing to me. This last point would be even enough to develop another post. But anyway, to cut a long story short: there aren’t many opportunities. However, from time to time something that  catches my attention appears. In this case, I found a quite interesting approach: the challenge consisted in creating a story based on a given photograph. Then all the stories are posted to see the mysterious ways in which imagination leads each one of us.

The idea seemed attractive to me, and as in that precise moment I had some time to dedicate to the project, I didn’t waste the occasion.

Here is the final result: El Libro Maldito

As you can see, the story was published in the website “Solo novela negra” (only crime novel), so it is not too difficult to guess the genre. The end purpose is a bit strange because the success of the works will be evaluated based in the readings they receive, so that those which are visited more times will be awarded as winner. Only unique visitors will be taken into account for this.

Therefore, if any of you are so kind to do me a favor, please take a look at that page to see if my classification improves a bit. The final prize would consist in the inclusion of the most seen stories in a book of which winners are given some copies. This fact by itself would help to go on progressing in my career. I am aware that it is not a great thing, but all the help is good because the race is complicated and full of obstacles.

In relation to the work, I can sum up as it follows:

The strange relationship between two friends, each one of them with an opposed personality, evolves in a complicated way due to their different goals, although they keep together thanks to a great passion which bring them together: literature. However, life has unexpected shifts and only one happening of the destiny can change everything.

What it is going to happen? You need to read the story to know it. Critics said that the end is surprising and unexpected. But I still need your opinion. Hurry up, there is no much time left!

By the way, if you like writing, I have to inform you that the contest is still open, so if you like the idea you can send your work. To be honest, there is not much time left for the deadline, but there will be new calls through the year, so visit the website!


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Why “We Create the Languages”?


Today I would like to explain you the reasons that led me to choose this title for my blog and the rest of my channels.

Language is always itself a creative process. It has been shown in all the cultures and epochs. Let’s see some examples.

Think about the colloquial expressions that you use most often. Now think about the expressions that are used for your relatives, friends and the people of rest of the environments where you live. In each group take precedence a sort of expressions that usually refer to common happenings, activities and events, something that all of you have experienced together. Later analyze each person, their idioms, or the words they use frequently. Every one of us tends to use the words that are more compatible with us, as well as the expressions that represent us more, not to say our own invented expressions, like those that you use with that person and only both of you know.

That way, little by little, neologisms appear day by day, continent by continent. There are always new things that must be defined or more current redefinitions for the same of always. The creative process never stops.

Let’s take a book of some centuries ago, its language it is probably said to be the same, but they are very hard to understand. Besides, the more time passes the more evident results the process. Fashion, social conditionings, words borrowed from other languages… all of this is slowly forming the new uses and words till they are institutionalized.

Another good example are the automatic translators, which no matter how much are improved, they can never equalize the flux of the natural language. This is because the meaning of a word it is not only in the word itself, but also depends on the context. Moreover, the idioms are not logical constructions that can be translated literally. They reflect the culture of the people, so you have to know the idiosyncrasy of the people of the target language to find the best matching expressions, if it exits.

To sum up, every time we build our phrases, we don’t limit ourselves to apply some rules, which the most people don’t even remember. What we do is to pour out our own ideas and thoughts over a vehicle that we know, Language, to give it the color of our popular culture, emotions, tastes, etc.

Every time we are talking, we are creating, and the language that every one of us uses has our unique touch, personal and special.